Makatak1 Homepage

Hello, friends call me Mak.
I'm a musician and I also work as a web & graphics designer.
I've amassed so much creative content over the past few years, but it's been shared among several sites and social network profiles until now.
At last, I've finally got all together here @

Although I'm qualified either formally or through years of experience in all I present, the content I've published here is entirely self-taught.
All code was handwritten using only notepad, and not compiled by software. I used Photoshop CS for all graphics

I have included guestbook and contact pages for any user feedback by way of comments and constructive criticism on my original music, web design, animation, poetry, photography, computer game app development and most recently even cookery.

To find more about my world as a working musician since I started as a kid, then read About Makatak1